Winter Beaches in Cornwall

It's a beautiful sunny day here today, with blue skies with fresh, crisp winter air. Last night the stars looked so bright and the sky was just huge! This really is a very special time of year! Have a look at our Seasonal Long Weekender Offer to see how little it could cost for you to enjoy all that Cornwall has to offer during those winter months. Still unsure? Have a look at this stunning video from Visit Cornwall - you'll be blown away!

How are your New Year Resolutions coming along?

Most people crash and burn by about….now! We had a look at the 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions on the internet to see if we can help you back on track. I doubt you’ll be surprised by the result on… 1. STOP SMOKING: Well, sadly we at Tregolls, can’t help you stop smoking but we just might be able to give you a hand with the rest… 2. TAKE HEALTH SERIOUSLY: We have so many beautiful walks to get your blood pumping and fresh air into those smoke filled lungs of yours!Just think how much more invigorating exercise would be if it were surfing on a beach, sailing or cycling on our many bike trails.At this time of year roads are quieter and the sea breezes are so refreshin

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