Wild Garlic - What's the use?

Many of our visitors in the Spring will have smelt the unmistakeable scent of garlic as they sauntered past the woods of Cornwall. Others may have noticed the delicate star-like flowers carpeting the woodland floor. But did you, like us, ever wonder what's it useful for? Allium Ursinum - does it by any other name smell as sweet? Wild Garlic, as it is commonly named has various pseudonyms, from its formal Latin name Allium Ursinum to at least seven more: Ransoms - Crow Garlic - Buckrams - Bear Garlic - Bear Leek, Wood Garlic and, of course, Wild Garlic! If you know it by any other name please let us know by commenting on Facebook - we'd love to know! Healthy stuff! It has properties that a

May Day - a Cornish Celebration of Spring

Cornwall is a land of traditions and myths – perhaps that’s part of the charm of the place that visitors describe as they visit time and time again. May Day is of particular importance to many of our communities across the county, as they draw from their pagan past to celebrate the coming of Spring. Celebrations form some of the oldest surviving traditions in the country, and in order to really get a flavour of Cornwall, there’s no better way than to join local people in their May Day festivities. Being right in the middle of Cornwall, Tregolls is well placed to visit many of the fabulous events on May Day, which would lift even the coldest Winter heart! Padstow May Day Steeped in history

"Have you seen but a White Lily grow?"

Not in Cornwall you haven't! May celebrations are in a bit of turmoil as the ancient symbols used to signify the end of Winter and the dawning of Spring have yet to raise their sleepy heads! Lilies of the Valley are used in the famous celebrations at the Helston Flora Day on Saturday 7th May 2016 as well as other traditional festivities. This year, however, it has been reported that, due to the cold evenings we have had recently, the lilies are only just starting to shoot, far too late for the Cornish festivals. Watch out on our Blog over the next couple of weeks to see how these traditional festivities fare with or without the lilies...

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