The Many Faces of Cornwall in Winter

No idea what the weather will bring next! There have been days of rain, fog and glorious sunshine all the space of a week. Then there’s the Cornish micro-climate to confuse things further. The other day it was a dull and overcast day – over in the distance the clouds looked very threatening, so we went in the opposite direction and found Crantock bathed in sunlight with blue skies all around! Here’s some pictures of the walk down from the Bowgie Inn to Crantock Beach with some stunning views of the coast, birds on the clifftops and a peaceful beach stretching out beneath. Back down near Restormel Castle later that day we took this mysterious picture - hard to believe it was all on the same

Bodmin Moor in Winter - a magical family trip out....No, really!

When you spend a blustery, Sunday afternoon on Bodmin Moor, you often conclude that the only way to see this vast, beautiful wilderness in all its glory is from under a hood with the rain in your face and a grey mist on the horizon! The windscreen wipers on the car may be going, the light may be fading, but don't be put off. Armed with a flask of hot tea and layer upon layer of clothing brave the blustering wind and icy rain. There will always be a few brave souls walking, a lone horse rider and some rather scruffy sheep, enjoying this exhilarating walk, surrounded by the work of Mother Nature and all the elements! Things to see and learn There are so many things to look out for, aside fr

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