5 of the best Cornish produce for your pancakes

Looking for a bit of Cornish inspiration on some classic and other rather special pancakes for Shrove Tuesday? We’ve been researching to see what can be created with locally sourced Cornish produce that can be found in supermarkets across the country and have come up with some tasty savoury and sweet recipes to whet your appetite: photo: Saga CORNISH BRIE: Garlic mushroom and St Endellion Brie pancakes full recipe from Saga If you love mushrooms and adore brie, you will fall head of heals for this recipe, mushrooms cooked in butter, spring onion, garlic and thyme add a winning combination, a glug of white wine and finally, chunks of soft and delicate St Endellion brie stirred through – wow!

Betsy's having a "Time-out"

This fine chap is Imp, who may get his name from the decidedly impish glint in his eye that Jubilee and her sister Millie are finding quite charming! Elsewhere, on the farm, a mournful bleating can sometimes be heard, drifting over the fields, as little Betsy is feeling rather left out. It’s hard to explain that she’s a little young to have boyfriends and so whilst Imp is charming the ladies in the field, Betsy needs to stay put. Don’t worry, Betsy and Imp take it in turns to stay in the shed – Imp doesn't bleat when it's his turn for a shed-day - he just makes his feelings known as he butts the gate in disgust! Here’s a photo of Betsy doing her very best to persuade us to let her out – Ca

Half Term Fun on a Cornish Beach

Hope everyone is enjoying their Half Term break! We have been lucky to enjoy some really “Spring-like” weather which has given people a positive and sunny disposition! Down on Readymoney Beach in Fowey, there was barely a soul in sight this weekend, when some visitors went to get a little fresh sea air. At this time of year, parking at Readymoney Beach Carpark is free, with a gentle and pleasant walk down to the beach along a safe pathway for small children and dog owners (dogs are allowed on the beach until 1st May). The day the visitors went down, there had been a bit of a storm the evening before, so the beach was strewn with seaweed and stray branches from the sea. The few children se

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