Cornwall's not just for Summer!

People say they LOVE Cornwall! So do we, but we feel you're getting a unfair image of what Cornwall is like.

Most visitors come down during July and August, with a nice dose of folk October half term and a festive bunch at Christmas. All lovely times to see Cornwall, but here's a viewpoint of Charlotte who's Cornish experience has a different perspective...

"Hi! Until my holiday here, aged 29, I had never been to Cornwall - that's a confession in itself! Like many visitors I fell in love with the slower pace of things, the stunning countryside and the friendliness of people.

It was November 1998. We were desperate for some R&R, with my husband enduring the daily commute to London and a stressful job. I had always wanted to visit Cornwall and the considerably cheaper prices in winter appealed to our limited means. We had a glorious week, walking through beautiful, peaceful villages and making footprints on virgin sands on empty beaches. We always took a raincoat, but invariably found sunshine, learning quickly that Cornwall has such an amazing micro-climate that if it's cloudy in one spot all you need to do is drive up the road and you'll find blue skies and Autumn sunshine.

Snuggled up in our warm and comfy holiday cottage in the evenings I trawled through Daphne du Maurier books by the roaring fireside with a large glass of wine, completely relaxed from all the breathtaking countryside and sea breezes. That magical air also served to send our 3 year old into a deep and happy slumber too! As we sat by the fire and talked about the day and what was to come, we smugly agreed that we had picked the best time of year to visit, free from traffic jams and packed beaches and shops, but lured in by the beauty of Cornwall we conceded that we had to give an August holiday a go - just to check!

I'd love to say that our Summer holiday in Cornwall put us off this place for ever, but no! Yes, we had to share our beach with a few more folk and pay parking fees but the people, the views and the pace were just the same but with the added joy of a truly gorgeous summer! So, we booked for a Christmas holiday later that year (hang the expense!), but never got there.....31st October 1999 we moved into our new house in Cornwall - just 2 months later and never looked back! When I think of our holiday experience of Cornwall and despite the lovely Summer sunshine, our most treasured memories have to be of our Winter holiday, with its peace, beauty and a roaring fire!

WARNING: A Holiday in Cornwall could seriously change your life."

If you have a holiday experience you would like to share, please do email us as we love hearing all about it. Our picture is of Trebarwith Strand taken yesterday afternoon - if this tempts you to come and try a Winter Cornish Holiday, have a look at our Seasonal Long Weekender Offer and give me a call!

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