How are your New Year Resolutions coming along?

Most people crash and burn by about….now!

We had a look at the 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions on the internet to see if we can help you back on track. I doubt you’ll be surprised by the result on…

1. STOP SMOKING: Well, sadly we at Tregolls, can’t help you stop smoking but we just might be able to give you a hand with the rest…

2. TAKE HEALTH SERIOUSLY: We have so many beautiful walks to get your blood pumping and fresh air into those smoke filled lungs of yours!Just think how much more invigorating exercise would be if it were surfing on a beach, sailing or cycling on our many bike trails.At this time of year roads are quieter and the sea breezes are so refreshing!

3. LOSE WEIGHT: Well after all that exercise all you need is good quality local food available across Cornwall with vegetables fresh from the ground and full of natural goodness (I’m making myself hungry now!). The only caveat we would make is that should you reach for a Pasty and a Cornish Cream Tea instead we will not be held responsible for any weight gain you may incur!

4. ENJOY LIFE MORE: What better way than to take a small winter break in Cornwall to really get away from the office and spend quality time with those whom you love?Doing it in a warm cottage, with the fire crackling in peace and tranquillity is but a bonus! See our Long Weekender Offer for details.

5. QUIT DRINKING: Ah, that’s a hard one!With all the lovely country pubs serving superb local ales you may struggle with this, but don’t forget this is also prime apple country and there is no shortage of delicious local apple juices available.If juice is not for you there is always a pretty tea or coffee shop nearby where you could drop in for a lovely cuppa, a Cappuccino or gorgeous hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows – obviously this does not apply to those working on the 3rd Resolution!

6. GET ORGANISED: Come on, then!No time like the present! Have a look to see what we have available, or even book your Summer holiday now – that’s really organised!

7. LEARN SOMETHING NEW: There’s always something new to learn at Eden, just a hop, skip and jump away.If you wanted something less educational, you could always take the High Wire Trip over the biomes whilst you’re there!?

8. GET FINANCES STRAIGHT: Have a look at our Offers page.There are lots of ways of getting a good deal so that you can enjoy your holiday in the knowledge that you’ll still have some pennies left to fully appreciate it!

9. SPEND MORE TIME WITH THE FAMILY: Well that’s a foregone conclusion!When you come to Tregolls everyone will have a wonderful time, whether little tots or senior Great-Grandparents! Have a look at our 3-Generations Offer and you could bring the lot!

10. HELP PEOPLE: Now this one, we leave to you and what a wonderful resolution it is too! There is nothing better than that feeling of satisfaction knowing you have improved someone’s day and made their lives a little better.

We hope that 2015 is a wonderful year for you, that it is a year of warmth and happiness. We hope too, that you will come and visit us soon to enjoy Cornwall with a relaxing stay in our farm cottages or bed and breakfast accomodation.

With best wishes

Marilyn and Lester

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