Once in a Blue Moon

We all know the phrase “Once in a blue moon” meaning it rarely happens, but tonight (31st July 2015) there’s set to be a Blue Moon.

Before you get really excited it’s not going to be the sort of blue moon that is actually blue, as this is caused by unusual dust particles in the sky. This is simply the other sort of blue moon which is just the word for the second full moon in a month. Please don’t be down hearted - the moon last night was big and beautiful and with the lack of light pollution in St Wenn it really looked rather lovely; so if you’re at Tregolls take the time to look to the heavens tonight for a real lunar treat, set off by the millions of glistening stars that can be seen on a good, clear night.

If you manage to get a good photo, do let us know, as the moon is such a tricky thing to photograph! The photo here is last night’s moon at dusk - We’re sure you could do better!

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