How to Cheat at Conkers

Do you remember playing conkers when you were young?

Did you spend hours as a child rummaging round the autumn leaves to find the perfect conker?

What methods did you learn on how to make the very best, strongest conker to beat the rest?

Although the game of conkers has been played for hundreds of years, sadly, few children now learn how to play conkers. If you don't know how, we'd love to teach you and if you do, then relive some old memories with us.....


There were many ways to improve your conker's fighting strength, all of which were illegal - rather like athletes taking steroids - very poor show!

1. One of the main methods to arm your conker was said to be putting them in an oven on very low to bake them - not sure if that really helped, but...!

2. Roald Dahl was one of those who believed in the aging process. In his book "Roald Dahl, My Year" he writes: "a great conker is one that has been stored in a dry place for at least a year. This matures it and makes it rock hard and therefore formidable."

3. The last option we're pretty sure doesn't actually work, but we are happy to be proved wrong! That is to soak the conker in vinegar.

We're hoping to get the children (and adults) playing conkers at Tregolls this Autumn. Keep an eye on our Blog for instructions.

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