Tregolls Farm Guide to Playing Conkers

Many years ago, some of you may remember playing conkers at school. Autumn weekends were spent churning through fallen leaves looking for the perfect conker! But what makes the perfect conker and how do you play....?

The Perfect Conker

Well that’s simple! It’s a good sized, perfectly round and unblemished specimen. If you have the patience you could keep it somewhere cool and dry until the following year when it will be at its peak of fighting power!

Once you have found your perfect conker, drill a hole through the middle (adult supervision strongly advised!!) and then guide a good, strong piece of string through and knot the bottom securely (the pale circle part of the conker should be at the top! Now you are ready to battle!!

How to play

· The Defender dangles their conker on its string – don’t go wobbling or twisting it because that’s cheating! If you do the Attacker can steady your string and have another go.

· The Attacker then twists a bit of string around their left hand and pulls the conker back with their right hand. Now aim and give it a big flick with your left hand. You’re aiming to hit the Defender’s conker.

· Players take turn until one of the conker hits the ground or receives a fatal blow!

Game scoring

· If you have never played your conker before it is known as a “One-er”. If it wins your first match whilst playing against another “One-er” it becomes a “Two-er” etc.

· If, however your “One-er” beats, say a “Four-er”, then you add up both numbers, so your conker will become a “Five-er”.

· The higher the number allocated to a conker the higher value it has. This used to be pretty important when you swapped or sold them amongst your friends.

Be careful!

· Conkers is a great game, but please be careful! Practice your aim gently at first as a conker to the knuckle isn’t very nice!

· If you are defending then hold your conker away from your body (safer that way!)

· When defending make sure you have the string twisted round your hand a little so your conker doesn’t get pulled from your hand.

· We hope you enjoy your conkers but please note that Tregolls doesn’t accept any responsibility for bruised knuckles etc from over exuberant players!

Could you be World Champion?

If you have really got the conkering bug now, why not get serious and enter the Ashton World Conker Championship? Yes, there really is one, attracting competitors from all over the world! In was formed in 1967 and has been raising money for RNIB ever since - their rules are a little more formal than ours though!

Now, if you are visiting Tregolls Farm in October time you might find some conkers around the cottages as we have some horse chestnut trees growing on the grounds. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors whilst you're on your holiday. We have also put conker kits in our holiday cottages, so have a look if you are enjoying an Autumn break!

PS Don’t tell, but you can find out how to Cheat in Conkers on an earlier Blog Page! Have Fun!

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