Captured by the Spirit of Christmas in Truro

After promising ourselves for many years that we would go and see the Truro City of Light Festival in the run-up to Christmas, we finally made it!

The delights of Cornwall at this time of year are countless, with beautiful empty beaches, pretty towns with some truly unique and gorgeous little shops to browse away from all the bustle of everyday life so it wasn’t just Truro’s lights that drew us, but it helped!

On the evening of 18th November we (myself and two teens) wrapped ourselves up nice and warm and, to make it a bit more of an adventure, drove down to the railway station and hopped on a train – not a jam-packed commuter train that you may be used to, but a two-carriage type, along with a scattering of similarly wrapped up travellers, all Truro bound!

As you enter Truro at night the cathedral lights the way, flood lit a lovely golden glow. More people joined that short downward trail to the heart of this small but perfectly formed city.

It was well worth the trip! Christmas lights were largely still in darkness and the streets were lined with families patiently awaiting the procession of lanterns with an air of excitement. Now what we should have done was to submit to the tempting smells of warm pasties and freshly made food which permeated the air from bakeries and stalls, but in my wisdom I thought it best to wait (don’t do that – everybody decided to do the same thing, so dive in!)

The sound of distant drumming announced that the procession was drawing near, and the lights along the road suddenly lit up to show the way! I have seen photos of the parade but they do the actual event no justice! The eerie wicker and paper lanterns bobbed and swayed in the distance, gradually approaching accompanied by a band of Cornish pipers and dancers bedecked with lights, white painted faces and bright costumes twirling ahead.

See the pictures, imagine the scene, but the magic of the spectacle was so much more, so I urge you to book a Tregolls Farm cottage and join the parade in 2016!

PS When we saw the beautiful stalls in the main square we wished we had come earlier – by the end of the parade there was just enough time to buy some steaming food and head back up the hill to our waiting train – I guess we’ll have to come back again another year!

PPS LOTS MORE PICS including R2D2 in the Gallery

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