5 Ways to Shake off the Winter Blues

Yes, it’s Blue Monday! The third Monday of January has been attributed the dubious honour by psychologists who, after some data gathering and study have come up with an equation that sites this very day as the most depressing of the year (so don’t worry, things can only get better!)

We have compiled 5 ways to beat those winter blues – we hope it works for you!

  1. Fresh Air

Get out into the great outdoors for some good lungfuls of fresh air! You may need to do a bit of shower dodging but you will be glad you made the effort, whether it’s a walk in the park or if you have a beach nearby catch some of the bracing salty air and listen to the waves crashing on the sand – certain to blow those cobwebs away! Collect bits and bobs or photos for No 3!

  1. Favourite jumper Back safe from your fresh air don your most favourite, snuggly old jumper (or that of your partner!) The smell and warmth of the familiar gets those happy vibes pumping! Add to that a hot chocolate or coffee with chocolate sprinkles and you’ll be heading for 7th Heaven!

  2. Get Creative Having collected bits and bobs or taken photos whilst out getting your fresh air earlier, now unleash the artist in you. Make a collage or using the photos sketch a picture. If your fingers are not feeling very artistic listen to some uplifting music or if you have a mind to sing! Did you know it has been scientifically proven that singing can improve your mood – just keep it uplifting!

  3. Communicate Speak to a friend or family member – not texting but real communication! Speak face to face if you can and if not pick up the phone or Skype. Share stories, laugh and enjoy!

  4. Plan for the future

Whilst your talking to your loved one make some plans! Nothing helps the dreary winter months pass quicker than the hope of exciting times to come. Why not book a holiday – Summer’s not so far away, or if you can’t wait that long a Winter/Spring break might be in order!

Once you have done all of the above you will probably find that Blue Monday is all but done! Congratulations you survived and tomorrow should be a bit brighter!

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