Score highly in the Game of Love!

Yes, it's that month again, when you may be weighed in the balance by your loved one and....heaven forbid, may be found wanting! Don't panic! Here's 5 [Romantic] Fool proof ways to score highly in the Game of Love!

1. Show them your free, natural spirit

When you have been with your loved one for a reasonable time the humdrum life has a tendency of taking over, leaving little time for each other. Now is the perfect time to remind them of the free, natural spirit that they fell in love with. It's also rather good to remind yourself of that too! Take a walk on a beautiful beach. Leave your mobile behind, schedule some "us time" and do it! Soon you'll be making shell pictures in the sand, pebble towers, writing your names in the sand and dodging the waves like carefree young lovers, with the smell of the sea in your noses and the crash of the waves on the rocks. If have no beach nearby, a trip to the country, in the woods or by a river can be just as lovely for getting back to nature and feeling free.

2. Get your taste-buds a-tingling!

Local Cornish oysters and Camel Valley sparkling wine are arguably the ultimate in Romantic food to treat your loved one, but after your envigorating walk a pub lunch with an open fire, romantic restaurant fare or even a shared bag of chips with a harbour view can fill your loved one with appreciation! We are lucky in Cornwall to have a vast array of delicious local food but with a little imagination any meal together can be special.

3. Weather watching

We have certainly had some dramatic weather of late, and with hurricanes spilling over from America you never know what February will bring. What you can be assured of is it won't be dull! If you can get out and experience it together it can be a real bonding process! Get soaked together in the rain, cuddle up in a gale, make a snowman in the snow or (if we're really lucky) bake in the warm glow of the early Spring sunshine. Get out and experience it, or cosy up in the warmth of a country cottage and watch it. Either way, just make sure you do it together!

4. Explore together

Go somewhere new! Around by us we have lots of stunning gardens, the majestic Eden Project and coastal paths to explore but there is bound to be somewhere new to discover.

5. Do something new

The final tip is really a conclusion, rounding up all the above! Do something spontaneous, try something new, whether it's indoor bowling, braving a zipwire, or discovering delightful little shops in a pretty country town try it and keep it fresh! It's even Leap Year, so if you're feeling truly Romantic maybe this is the year to go the whole hog and propose?!....

If work/life is getting in the way perhaps look ahead and book that time together for another occasion. The real secret to being the True Romantic is not to leave it just for February. Book a holiday together, plan a romantic get away and treat yourselves. Contact us to plan your romantic, relaxing holiday in Cornwall.

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