Jam or Cream first? An answer to the UK's stickiest question!

The Cream Tea has been a source of controversy for countless generations and regions.

Two hot bones of contention are:

  1. “Jam then cream or Cream then Jam?”

  2. “Scone as in Throne or Scone as in Gone?”

The well-respected South West publication, The Western Morning News, which reaches a huge readership in both Cornwall and neighbouring Devon, has reported the results of a YouGov poll which may cause consternation amongst many of its readership.

Jam or Cream first?

The Western Morning News reported that in the poll of 1,669 avid cream tea consumers, the majority overwhelmingly voted for “jam first”, which is adopted by the Cornish. Devonians will no doubt be disappointed that only 21% preferred the “cream first” approach, which is promoted across the border in Devon. Not wanting to take sides in any way, and completely respecting our Devon cousins’ right to put their cream and jam on any way they chose, we can see that jam may be a more suitable substance to spread and cream to dollop, hence the preferred option of jam, then cream.

Scone as in Throne or Scone as in Gone?

On a less contentious issue in the South West, the Yougov poll also tackled the sticky question of “Scone as in Throne or Scone as in Gone”. The “Gone” option was voted for by 51% of the public. This, however, was subject to regional variation (as you might expect), as well as social background.

So, in short, any way you prefer to call or eat your scone is fine by us! Do enjoy – but make sure it’s got a generous dollop of real Cornish Clotted Cream!

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