Bodmin Moor in Winter - a magical family trip out....No, really!

When you spend a blustery, Sunday afternoon on Bodmin Moor, you often conclude that the only way to see this vast, beautiful wilderness in all its glory is from under a hood with the rain in your face and a grey mist on the horizon!

The windscreen wipers on the car may be going, the light may be fading, but don't be put off. Armed with a flask of hot tea and layer upon layer of clothing brave the blustering wind and icy rain. There will always be a few brave souls walking, a lone horse rider and some rather scruffy sheep, enjoying this exhilarating walk, surrounded by the work of Mother Nature and all the elements!

Things to see and learn

There are so many things to look out for, aside from the stunning scenery and wind sculpted trees. We passed the three stone circles of The Hurlers, saw abandoned engine houses on every horizon and the huge Cheesewring stones, towering over the old quarry site; walkers can even visit Daniel Gumb’s cave, which is a reconstruction of a Rock House, occupied in the 18th Century by a philosopher cum stonemason!


Family friendly? Absolutely!! We had a teenage boy with us on our latest trip. He loved racing off with his dog, trying to find the best places to hide from the wind. The mystery and history surrounding the three stone circles of the Hurlers did not escape him and although he snorted at the legend surrounding them, younger children will doubtless be intrigued. We searched out the two separate Piper Stones together and bandied round ideas as to what the strange circular dips were, dotted all around and what secrets they might hold.


Now, that’s the big question! Yes, in the Summer you have warm sunshine, the grass is green and lush and the sound of birds singing in the air is a treat, however, you get lots of other visitors too, and I wonder whether you really capture the mystery and magic of the moors without the grey mist and whistling wind. You also have the hardy gorse bushes with their splash of sunshine yellow which can only ever be fully appreciated against a wintry backdrop of either mizzle-grey or snowy-white. Hmmmm! Something to think about and perhaps a few return visits just to see….

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