Hedgehog Rescue!

When we were children you often saw hedgehogs ambling around the farm at night. Now, there are definitely less about, so we were interested to hear about Prickles and Paws, a local hedgehog rescue centre, which took in a little juvenile female hedgehog when one of our staff found it sitting in the sun the other afternoon.

Guessing that the little scrap was in trouble, she and her son, put the hedgehog in a box, as directed, with a makeshift waterbottle, some warm cloths and newspaper for her to hide under. They made some holes in the top of the box and carefully popped her inside. Whilst they were on the journey over to the rescue centre, little scratching noises emanated from inside the box, and a small black nose sniffed through the hole so we were hopeful that she was going to be OK.

On arrival at Prickles and Paws, they gave her a quick examination which revealed she was very malnourished and was an oval shape rather than a healthy ball. She weighed just 200g and they said they only release hedgehogs who reach 600g. Our little hedgehog was diagnosed with further ailments which upset her intestines and was very cold. Nevertheless the great people at Prickles and Paws gave our little friend the name of April and took her in to give her every chance of getting better.

Thank you Prickles and Paws!

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