Mystery Place No 1

Cornwall is home to so many beaches, there are very few locals, even, who can say they know them all!

We thought it would be fun to choose a beach or town and drop you a few clues to see if you can guess which it is! Then when you visit Cornwall on your holidays you can check out the #mysteryplaces tag in our blog to give you a list of interesting places to visit! Want to play along? Then read on and see how long it takes you to decide you knowledge of Cornwall ...

1. This place is one of the most painted vistas in Cornwall

Seen on countless paintings by many of our favourite Cornish landscape artists, especially those beautiful, colourful, busy paintings that you can find in the many art shops and galleries across the county. Small wonder artists flock to this pretty town and are often found along the quay with paintbrush in hand!

2. This place is reached by rail

You can get to this beach via, arguably, one of the prettiest stretches of railway branch line in the country. If you're not in a hurry, this is the best way to get here by far!

3. This place is frequented by a nearby resident colony of seals

We sat the other afternoon watching people walking along the beach and two intrepid swimmers a little way out. On closer inspection these swimmers had been joined by a most inquisitive seal who kept bobbing up within arms reach of them. He was so interested in them, that he followed them right up to the beach where he stayed a metre or so out, showing off to a family who were taking some sea air. This is a regular occurrence, especially in the low season when the beach is quiet as there is a colony of around 40 seals living on a nearby island (unsurprisingly called "Seal Island" who just can't resist coming to say hello!

4. This place has a famous artist who lived here

Unashamedly going back to art now, but this town and beach had a famous artist and sculptor resident. There is even a fascinating museum in her home here, which displays many of her iconic modernist sculptures which are well worth a visit. The artist's name is Dame Barbara Hepworth.

If you haven't got it now, here's the real give-away....

5. The Tate has a gallery in this place

One of only four Tate galleries in the world, and the only one in Cornwall this gallery was opened in 1993 and is well worth a visit, even if you are not a great appreciator of modern art.

The answer is, of course, the harbour beach at


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